AstroLabs thrives on being MENA’s trusted partner in solving the innovation challenges of tomorrow by building the technology landscape of today
Our mission is to build competitive local markets and entrepreneurial ecosystems by elevating local players to global standards and helping global players thrive in local markets



AstroLabs was born in 2013 as an answer to the shortage of digital talent in MENA.
Founding partners Louis Lebbos and Muhammed Mekki made it their mission to build the technical and entrepreneurial capabilities of the ecosystem to unlock the potential of our local markets.
In 2015, AstroLabs established its first coworking community space in Dubai and, in the span of 3 years, expanded to house a vibrant coworking community across 2 coworking spaces in Dubai and 1 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
The launch of our Custom Programs Practice in 2016 allowed over 4,000 alumni to hone their digital and entrepreneurial skills. We piloted our tailored programs product line, working with corporates and governments in the UAE & KSA to run end-to-end programs covering digital innovation, entrepreneurship, and SME ecosystem building.
Through strategic partnerships with DMCC and MISA, we were also able to accelerate national diversification mandates by expanding top-tier global and regional players into the 2 fastest growing markets in the region. AstroLabs had become MENA’s trusted expansion partner, with over 1,000 companies expanded into MENA by the end of 2022.
Today, AstroLabs provides a holistic service model that enables the expansion of global and regional businesses to local markets, along with the effective transformation of local companies into vital engines of the digital economy—shaping the future of MENA’s technology landscape.



Lifelong Learners​

Staying in the know about all things digital allows us to maintain a forward-facing mindset

Hungry for Growth​

Every player possesses areas of growth, from budding startups to well-established multinationals, and we take it upon ourselves to design and execute efficient strategies for sustained growth

Driven by Outcomes

Our programs are tailored to the ecosystem’s needs. Every AstroLabs initiative is the product of a thorough, market-centric research process to ensure a tangible impact on the local entrepreneurial landscape

Collaboration at the Core

We are constantly building genuine connections between all ecosystem stakeholders. Through our extensive network, we link the right people together as a way to foster impactful collaborative efforts toward a vibrant and digitally enhanced ecosystem